*The Sacred Waters of Bovie Hill*

 Natural, Healthy Drinking Water in its Purest Form.

Contains all of the essential minerals that
Mother Nature put there...and nothing else!

Simply put, our living water is fresh, clean, organic  unprocessed,

but most important of all...it is HEALTHY DRINKING WATER!

In Addition, it is Also:

Mother Natures Medicine

Slightly Alkiline ~ pH 7.96

Gravity Filled ~ Bottled in Glass

Naturally Free of Chemicals & Toxins
The Healthiest Drinking Water on the Planet

On a Summit ~ Nearly 1200 Feet Above Sea Level

Purified by Mother Nature Through
Layers of Bedrock, Shale & Clay

Coming from a sustainable aquifer deep underground,
our all natural, healthy drinking water is untouched
​by the human process. Our sacred fossil water
has been underground for a very long time... 
possibly 1000's or 10,000's of years!

Created by Indian Springs Water 
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